that's fantastic lmfao 

the bungie interview video was made by https://www.youtube.com/user/TWTHEREDDRAGON

the destiny community proving once again they should all be shot for toxic vile harassing type behavior. Look if you don't enjoy the video why did you search for it? Because you don't want to hear the positive about the game that is why so here you are. Now if you don't bother to watch the video i suggest you just gtfo with you're butthurt comments as if its not a sound or logical comment ill just remove it kkthxbye so for example a comment like i think bungie needs to have dedicated servers for d2 because ill accept that. That's logical and sound giving a decent reason as to why you as a player want dedicated servers. If it is omg why you yelling at your 88 subs or making 5 youtube accounts to purposely dislike a video i'll just disable the rating and you will be banned from future content here seeing as you won't use logic before commenting and it is my channel. So fanboy's be very carful before posting here.

Notice: how idgaf to edit things in my videos with like pop ups saying sorry most pcs can run close to 200 is what i ment to say 130 150 depends on the gtx you have meaning? Don't be a poor bitch and 2 the processor and 3 the game. Some games are optimized like ass others are not but this video isn't about pc fps its about bungie slacking off for next gen fps and dedicated servers... So if joy says something like pcs get 200 fps he probably means its around 130 150 or higher not exactly 200 although im sure on a gtx titan i can find close to 200 fps depends on the game to of course but ppl don't think when they comment so here i am explaining basic logical thought. 


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