Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/devynstandish FAQ:

Where are you from?  Answer: I'm from NY.

What bot do you use? Answer:  I use AIO Bot (All in One) 

Have you had success using this bot? Answer:  Yes, countless times.

What proxies do you use? Answer: I use a lot of different providers.  Some being @acuteproxies, @boosted_proxies, @soleproxy, @ClutchProxies. 

How do I set up my bot and proxies? Answer: Check out my tutorials in the "Bot Tutorial" playlist on my YouTube. 

I'm getting a lot of error messages while running the bot.  What is that? Answer:  Most error messages are normal.  Don't panic. 

What is Splash Page (Adidas)? Answer:  The tan queue screen that Adidas uses to put you in line to order the shoes.  

When does Adidas Splash go live?  Answer:  Usually 10 AM EDT

When does YeezySupply Release?  Answer:  Random time

Does YeezySupply have captcha?  Answer: Yes they do.

What does the YeezySupply password page mean?  Answer: Yeezy Supply is getting ready to drop their product.  Don't panic.  Don't start your bot until the page goes live. 

What is a server?  Answer: Essentially a computer with a shit load of storage and fast internet speeds.  Highly recommended for a Yeezy drop.

Where do I buy a server? Answer: www.vultr.com

Do you use any other bot?  Answer:  Yes,  I use SuperCop Bot and Sup Chef for Supreme drops. 

What else do you do for a living?  Answer:  I do freelance video and television work. 


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