James Corden is on the cover of Fast Company‘s December/January issue, out now online and on newsstands next week.

Here’s what the 39-year-old Late Late Show host had to say:

On the one simple item he couldn’t get through the day without – a little black sleep mask: “I try to carve out six or seven minutes of silence twice a day, which is where this thing (the sleep mask) comes in handy. Some people would call it meditating. But I don’t do breathing exercises. I don’t ‘go’ anywhere in particular. I just do this [he slips on the mask for a few seconds and assumes a blissful expression]”and then when I’m done, it’s like, restart!”

On how he gets his “creative mojo”: “Talk-show host could be the easiest job in the world, if you wanted it to be. Monologue, desk bit, chat with a comedian, good night, and you’re done. But that’s not the sort of show I want to do. And what helps is doing all this other stuff. I know that if I didn’t seek out and do things outside of this show, I’d lose my creative mojo. And I don’t want that to happen. But it is so exhausting. What I’ve come to realize is that you just have to try to be present where’ve you are. You can’t think about tomorrow or next week of even this afternoon. You just have to be the best version of yourself right now. Now, keep in mind, I’m saying this as someone who gets it wrong 25 times a day. I’m just saying this is what I strive for. It’s the only way I know to have success.

On his commuting habit: “Because of the time difference between L.A. and England, either call my parents or my sisters and friends at home. I’ll pretty much chat on the whole way in.”

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